Corporate treatments are different to a ‘standard’ reflexology session as they are shorter and therefore have to be more focused on a particular area.

Each corporate reflexology lasts 30 minutes which will include a short examination of the feet at the beginning and a massage at the end using Magnesium cream which provides various benefits for muscle health and pain management.


Combining reflexology and foot massage, the focus of this treatment is to increase blood circulation in the feet and leave you refreshed and energised.


A gentle, light touch reflexology treatment aimed at relaxing the body, easing tension and calming the mind.


Using a range of techniques for hormone rebalancing, this treatment promotes homeostasis and links important reflexes associated with hormone production and regulation.


Targeting the reflexes associated with the organs of elimination, this treatment will help speed up the removal of waste products and toxins.


If food isn’t your friend, this treatment is for you. Targeting reflexes for the digestive system, this is more natural way of resetting your internal workings.


Using a range of essential oils, the principles of aromatherapy are added for a more powerful reflexology treatment.

Aromaflex treatments last 60 minutes to allow time to design your perfect blend.


Stimulating and rejuvenating, this treatment is for anyone wanting to erase the signs of stress or fatigue or who suffer from facial, ear or jaw pain.