Aromaflex is a combination of reflexology and aromatherapy. It is a safe and non-invasive relaxation therapy that can be used effectively to treat a range of physical and emotional conditions such as anxiety, depression or physical pain.

Aromaflex is reflexology using essential aromatherapy oils to improve circulation and stimulate the limbic system to promote homeostasis

Whilst reflexology stimulates the circulation and lymphatic systems, the essential oils used during aromaflex are designed to provide olfactory stimuli of the limbic system.

The limbic system is an area of the brain situated beneath the cerebral cortex, dealing with emotion, motivation and memory. Hence why a certain smell can transport you to a different time and place.

Smell is unique among the senses in its direct access to the subconscious mind.

About the oils

There are 12 essential oils available to choose from when you come for an Aromaflex treatment. Up to three will be used in an oil or cream based product and you will play an active part in selecting the combination which works best for you:

  • Frankincense – deepens the breath and often used for meditation
  • Peppermint – cooling and stimulating
  • Lemongrass – uplifting and refreshing
  • Rose – emotionally balancing
  • Lavender – calms the heart
  • Chamomile – reduces emotional tension
  • Geranium – clears lymphatic congestion
  • Tea Tree – an immune stimulant and natural anti-septic remedy
  • Mandarin – stimulates digestive system
  • Grapefruit – helps eliminate excess fluids and great for fatigue
  • Eucalyptus – stimulates respiratory system
  • Clary Sage – powerful sedative that calms the mind

Where flowers bloom, so does hope

(Lady bird Johnson)

A full consultation will take place prior to your treatment to identify which essential oils are most suitable to achieve your desired outcome. As the oils have therapeutic properties, you are advised not to bathe, shower or swim for 24 hours following the treatment to allow for the oils to give maximum benefit.