Planning a team away-day?

Do your team away-days create a great shared experience?

You may have had the pleasure of arranging a team away-day in the past. In that case, you’ll know that the news of an upcoming event is usually met with either joyful cheers or quiet groans of protest. It’s impossible to please everyone. Or is it?

The key to making a success of an event which tends to be mandatory (the first trigger of resistance), is to make it a win-win. So what is it that Management want? And what do employees want? Make a list! Which parts are compatible? If Management want learning and employees want fun, can the key learning be delivered in a more fun and engaging way? Be creative. Team working isn’t always about building a raft in a cold lake…

Make a list. Which ideas are compatible?

Secondly, have you considered making the team away-day about personal resilience and wellbeing? Not only does it leave everyone refreshed and energised but it also has the potential to lay the foundation for lifestyle changes which people can continue to build on once the event has ended.

Our Corporate Wellness Day is an event that we really look forward to. Last year, I tried jazzercise and reflexology and I have continued with both. I feel so much better for it!

So where do you start? Once you’ve found a suitable venue and sorted the catering, start by considering the activities and treatments that employees don’t want to miss out on. You’ll want a good mix of energising classes that promote fitness as well as pampering treatments that provide an opportunity to switch off and relax. This can be combined with workshops on personal resilience or nutrition – some of which can even have a competitive element to them if you want people to work together as a team.

Pilates and yoga are great for flexibility and strength – not just for women!

Choosing the best instructors and therapists is important. Make sure that you reach an understanding of what will be delivered on the day in advance of the event. How long should a lesson or treatment last for? Do they charge a day rate or per treatment? What are their requirements in terms of space? A yoga instructor is likely to need a big open space whilst a massage therapist or reflexologist may want a small, personal space in a break-out room. And how will the bookings be coordinated? Using free booking software makes this part much more manageable.

The final point is about keeping the momentum going after the event. Get feedback. What did people really enjoy? What are the opportunities for incorporating some of the activities into the workplace? If you don’t have space for a Pilates class, would people be up for a weekly walk? Get participants together to brainstorm ideas on how to create a healthier office. Also speak to the instructors and therapists who may be able to offer money-off coupons or corporate discounts for those who want to continue improving their health and wellbeing.

Wellness Days are easy to plan and organise. As long as participants can see the benefit in attending, you’ll soon have a team-away day that people are looking forward to and which can help Management deliver their Healthy Workplace agenda. It really is a win-win.

Want reflexology on your away-day? E-mail me today with your requirements.