Health cash plans that include reflexology

A private health cash plan is like an insurance that you can claim against whenever you access normal, everyday treatments such as a visit to the dentist or optician. Depending on the insurer, many plans also cover treatments such as massage, acupuncture or reflexology.

Like any insurance policy, you pay a monthly amount into the plan and then, if you need to have a treatment, you pay the cost to the therapist upfront and subsequently claim part or the full amount back from your insurer.  There will be a maximum annual limit to how much money you can get reimbursed so please remember to check your policy.

A health cash plan is different to private medical insurance as the latter covers acute conditions that need rapid treatment such as back or shoulder pain. So the focus of the two arrangements is quite different and it’s not unusual for people to have both private medical insurance and a health cash plan.

Cash plans have different prices, cover and limits but the main two considerations are A) how much are you likely to spend on treatments per year (vs how much is the cost of the policy) and B) is reflexology covered?

For obvious reasons, I can’t help you answer the first question but the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council has put together a list of providers that will cover part or the full cost of reflexology so I suggest you start by looking at those and consider your various options.

Cash plans are a popular staff perk so check whether your employer provides the cover already as your benefits package. If your employer does pay, you’ll pay the tax element as it’s a perk known as a ‘benefit in kind’. For example, if it costs £20 per month, and you’re on a 20% tax rate, that’s £4 per month which will be deducted from your wages. Still a much cheaper option than paying the full amount yourself

I am a member of the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council and, as an accredited therapist, all my treatments can be claimed for under your private health cash plan. So it’s worth checking your policy now as reflexology may well be covered. 

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