Reduce stress at work

Stress in the workplace is generally accepted as a big problem in the UK. Every year, businesses across the country lose over 10 million working days to stress.  Stress costs money. Not only is there a cost to the employee in terms of quality of life but also to the employer due to lost productivity.

Exercise is a great way to relieve stress and it will work for some but not all. Likewise,  workplace massages can help to ease muscle tension but some find it too invasive and don’t feel that the benefits last long enough.

Reflexology has been shown to be effective at reducing the stress response in a natural and healthy way. It’s a non-invasive therapeutic touch therapy mainly applied to the feet but it can also be applied to the hands or face. Human touch activates the parasympathetic nervous system which moderates and calms the body. Importantly, this moderation continues long after the treatment. As a result, the therapy can transform  someone into a more relaxed and more balanced person and the whole workplace will soon start to feel more calm and at ease with each other as the ripple effect start to occur.

Some clients describe reflexology as drinking a cup of sunshine which slowly spreads through the body and reaches every cell.

Studies from Denmark have evidenced that workplaces which offer reflexology experience:

  • reduced absence
  • fewer sick days
  • increased wellbeing
  • a rise in employee satisfaction
  • increased loyalty and a drop in staff turn-over

By making reflexology available in the workplace, you join a growing community of forward-thinking companies who use complementary therapy to drive business success within the Cambridgeshire economy and beyond. I have a pop-up clinic that bring you everything that you need to enhance employee health and wellbeing immediately.

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